Over the course of my twenty years of life, I have found that new beginnings are often the hardest course of action. Once again, I find myself in a position to explain who I am, and I am simply lost for words. My mouth is empty despite my brain telling me that its for the best that I get this done. I know I need to progress my writing skills farther, and I also need to break free from this slump of inactivity that I call real life. I don’t do much anymore with the exception of college and talking to my girlfriend a thousand miles away with the worst internet known to man. I needed something more to tame my wandering mind, and to vent. The easiest way for me to vent is to do so anonymously, and yet, out loud so people can hear. So I guess that is why I’m here. That is why I desired to make this blog, and why I’m doing all that I can to progress my life farther.

I don’t desire to do this for anyone but myself, but if you come to enjoy ramblings of a twenty year old college student with barely any life experience, I am truly honored I am the one you chose.


So I guess it’s time to explain a bit about me that won’t be going into my about page for easy consumption. Feel free to ignore this portion, as this goes into everything from hobbies to fetishes.

  • I am an ABDL, or at least have some desire to be. That desire makes life increasingly difficult because not only do I not have the ability to express it, but I also feel terrible for having said desire.
  • I am a furry. Maybe not the same way the public sees it as. Most people seem to see furries as these “sick in the head” man-children. A lot of the time, I just see many of them as artists and creators. Who cares how old they are when they are producing amazing (albeit sometimes VERY NSFW) art?
  • I am a woman. Not much can be said here, but I felt it should be said somewhere.
  • Finally, and the least drastic out of all of these. I am human. Shocker, right?  I feel the need to present this here because sometimes its easy to forget that words on the internet are coming from a human with real emotions. I have feelings, desires, and dreams. I make mistakes, and I own up to them.

Welcome to my journey of self discovery. I wish you all the best of luck with your own personal introspection. I will try to at least post once a week about something minimum.


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