We live in an age of information, technology, and growth. So why is it that humans are ignorant enough to keep fighting? 


Through my time living in the middle of nowhere, I have seen so much. Beautiful landscapes of rolling hills, blooming with flora and lush with fauna. I never dreamed once In my suburban life that I would ever be living here on a twenty acre farm. Seeing all this beauty, It makes me wonder why human beings are still struggling with hatred, violence and aggression. The only reason I have for that is the fact that we, as humans, take too much pride in ourselves, our races, sexes, genders, sexualities, religions, nationalities and in the accomplishments of others. We condemn each other, not for the actions we have done, but rather the actions of humans long dead who lived a thousand years ago. I see this in the issues of race relations with both black, and white Americans. Black Americans demonizing white americans for the actions of their ancestors (or potential ancestors), and racist white Americans who believe they are superior because long dead white Americans from history invented great things.

Instead of focusing on the actions of others, we should try to do more for ourselves, each other, and for the future children we will have. We are the future. If we don’t improve ourselves, WE will be the reason our children end up with no structure, balance, or guidance. We need to start doing our job and preparing to bring in the next generation, or else this species as a whole is in danger of failing.

Love each other now. That is what we need to focus on. Before we permanently damage the structure of our society and cause it to collapse on top of us.


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