It still fascinates me how hard it is for people to be themselves. Its less often others holding them back, but their own mental attitude. That in itself is an extremely sad prospect. Why do we hold ourselves back from being free to express crucial portions of who we are? Why do we give so much power over ourselves to society? That is actually psychology.


The fact of the matter is that your brain does not allow you to feel comfortable with going against the grain. It does everything in its power to prevent that. Those same social psychological defence mechanisms is the reason not everyone jumps up to help someone in need. Its because others are there that most people will not go to help someone. Its not that people are cruel, but they expect that someone nearby will help them, or is already helping them. This ties in to the previous portions as it is a root psychological function. In our heads, there is danger in going against the grain, so our mind makes us not want to be ourselves in order to protect ourselves.

Now that you know how that works to a degree, and what causes it, you have to ask yourself how to hide it, or overcome the mental block preventing you. The former portion is tough. Hiding and masking who you are as a human being is an insanely hard process, and that can be said both psychologically and from my own personal experience from childhood. If you intend to do that, you must figure out how to overcome the feeling of being fake, and that is a daunting task to some.

The other option would be to overcome the mental block that makes you feel bad about being yourself. That is also difficult, but not impossible. It starts when you accept yourself. If you can do that, you can overcome any other hardship that comes with being yourself. That being said, it is a prerequisite and is necessary for you to actually progress down this path of self acceptance.


In the end, its up to you what path you take. I believe that you, the reader, and everyone else on this planet, should be able to express themselves safely and feel happy about who they are. Its not going to happen in my lifetime, but Ill try my hardest to encourage people to be themselves, even if they are unsure what to do.


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