I Feel The Best Way To Live Is As Follows. “If It Harms None, Do As Ye Will.


I feel these words are extremely important, especially in these extremely censored, and silent times. Let preface this off by saying, I don’t care what you believe in. That isnt me saying I dont want to know, but rather me saying it does not impact how I feel about you as a person. So long as you do not shove everything you believe in (religion, ideology, creed, or otherwise), down my throat, you are fine to do what you want with your life.


I do not like religion. That is something strange to say, coming from a person who is actually religious. A clearer statement is that I do not like mainstream religions. This includes Islam and Christianity. The reason is simple: Throughout history, these religions have both been used for terrible deeds. Blood has been shed under every major religion. Many minor religions, and pagan religions have been wiped out, attacked and ultimately erased (partially, or entirely) from history. Religions that follow one person, has an ideology that demonizes others, or preaches perfection are dangerous and harmful to others. That being said, it is not the people who follow these religions who I dislike, but the beliefs  carried by the religion, and the bad past that follows them.


I, myself, am a Hellenic Polytheist. I don’t have much time for religion between psychology, and other life tasks, so instead, I dedicate most of what I do to the gods. Between dedicating my studies to Athena, the storms around me to Zeus, The days to Apollon, nights to Artemis, my family time to Hestia, and my sexual pleasures to Aphrodite, I feel like I do enough for my gods to call myself a Hellenic Polytheist.


In the end, in regards to religion and all of life, I feel we should all live by a simple pagan saying. “If it harms none, do as ye will.” If it isnt harming anyone (with the exception of themselves, as it is their choice alone), you should not try to stop someone from doing something they desire. It is their live to live, not yours. Believe what you want (or don’t). It is up to you and you alone what you do with your life.


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