Since my last post on the subject of AB/DL a while back, I have actually started wearing diapers full time. Oh boy, let me tell you how strange it is after a few weeks full time.


To clarify my situation, I do not always wet, but I have always had a problem with dripping due to poor childhood choices and long car trips. This meant I was likely going to end up with incontinence products one way or another. Now that that is cleared up, lets try to be descriptive as possible. What many people who wear say about it usually includes something about clouds, and I have to concur. It is extremely soft and warm. I love thicker padding, as it makes me feel more secure if I do wet, and the inability to close my legs makes walking so difficult. I cant help but enjoy it.

The only downside is slight dryness there. Most of my day is spent sitting in front of a computer doing college work, reading lectures, and enjoying some casual gaming from time to time, so I don’t get up very often.


Now my thoughts on the subject are very muddled. I didnt think, at first, that I would enjoy wetting as much as I do. The  warmth that comes with it is surprisingly pleasant, and that feeds into the weirdness of it for me. Ive also found myself more aroused by pee in general, but it mainly stems from my little partner’s rule of having to tell me when she goes to the bathroom. Overall, the more I go down this rabbit hole, the more confused, upset, and scared I get. But no matter what, as long as I have my partner by my side, Im not afraid to keep pushing the boundaries of what I thought I liked before.


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