From the perspective of someone who used to find it odd to wear diapers after you became old enough to use the toilet, it seems I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole too deep to come up for air. Ultimately, I have ended up wearing Abena M4s and for those of you who read this knowing about ABDL and the items used often, you probably know that they are a good one despite being medical and not one of the luxury ABDL brands.

Now, how I feel has shifted a bit. I tend to enjoy just wearing sometimes, and other times it is because I am in little space. Part of this has to do with my partner being a little, and I want her to be happy with me at the reigns, so I’m not always able to enjoy being little. I haven’t found that to be as hard because I have people who help me out, including a certain Owl and Bun (Because apparently he isn’t a woofle…) who treat me like a princess, so shoutouts to them for being so awesome and making it easier for me to enjoy both aspects of my switch life.

So to the main topic at hand: Fulltime.
For a few months, I went fulltime in Abena M4s and let me say, it was amazing, but it was also work for me. It was difficult because I wanted to be little and just play a lot of the time. I didn’t have anyone to take care of me in person. that made it somewhat difficult, but ultimately it was still pleasant as the sensations of padding and warmth that came with it are extremely enjoyable. The feelings are still there, where I just love the sensations, the feeling of safety, and just everything about it.

So please forgive the hiatus. It wasn’t planned, but I should be back on schedule now.



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